August 16, 2014

Yessenia + Charlon Riverside Engagement Session | International Wedding Photographer

This engagement is special.  Special because it's of my beautiful cousin and her fiance.  They have been together quite some time and when Charlon started calling me prima, I knew he'd be here for the long haul.

We had so much fun during the session.   Which took place at a Mission in Redlands that a photographer friend of mine recommended.  It was perfect for the theme of their wedding (which you shall see in September!)  The light was gorgeous, and these two couldn't stop laughing and having fun!

Yeya + Charlon:  Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer!  I am excited to live the wedding day through my lens and do the best job I possibly can!  I'm happy for the two of you and there is nothing more real than your love.

August 13, 2014

Laguna Beach Wedding Sneak Preview | International Wedding Photographer

I love the beach.  And there is nothing more I love than the beach, unless of course, it's a wedding at the beach :).

A cute Sneak Preview of Jackie and Kevin's wedding from this past weekend... I have a bazillion more photos to share, so stay alert!

July 25, 2014

Shramek Family | Santa Monica Pier Family Session

Where do I begin with this amazing family.  They are truly like no other family I have photographed.  I have known Ruth since high school.  I have photographed this family since little M was 3.  I photographed their engagement session, their wedding, family sessions, and when little S was born, her newborn photos.  Now that S is a little older, we were able to squeeze in a session down by the Santa Monica Pier.

They are my biggest supporters, good friends, and I feel like I'm part of their family!  Each of them, including Ruth's parents and grandparents, hold a very special place in my heart!  Helping them document their gorgeous growing family is what I consider to be an honor!

I love you guys very dearly!


July 24, 2014

Matamoros Family | Chihuahua Portrait Photographer

This family is just utterly adorable.  Professor Matamoros is a Latin Dance instructor at the high school that I teach at.  He also has his own dance studio and being Cuban, he's got a lot of flavor to his rhythm.  Which is no surprise he was able to win the heart of such a gem like Laura.  Along with their gorgeous children, they are a fun family to be around!

Thank you so much for having photograph your family!  It was an absolute pleasure!

Esta familia es sumamente adorable.  El Profe Matamoros es instructor de Ritmos Latinos en la prepa donde trabajo.  Incluso, el Profe tiene su academia de danza y siendo Cubano, le da un pasito extra a su ritmo.  Por la cual no fue una sorpresa que capto el corazón de una gran mujer como Laura.  Junto con sus hermosos niños, son una familia divertida!

Muchas gracias por darme la dicha de fotografiar su familia!  

July 10, 2014

UVM BiCultural Class of 2014 | Senior Portrait Photographer

There is something special about teaching.  Especially when you teach the minds of high school kids.  These young adults are impressionable, moldable, and yet are fighting tooth and nail to be heard, to be their own person, and to navigate in a world where they're not sure where they fit in just yet.

These are also the same young adults that change the future.  They grow up, educate themselves, and are pushed into the world to change it.  During the last two semesters, I've had the pleasure of working with this kids.  Talking, and getting to know them as a group and as individuals.  And I will say this: they will leave their mark on this world some day.

Good luck guys, in everything that you do.  Do it with integrity, never lose your dignity, and always, always be true to who you are no matter what.  Don't give in to the naysayers and always look forward.  For the time has come for you to change the world.


May 28, 2014

Published on The Wedding Bazaar!

I am so excited to share with you that I've had the honored of being published on The Wedding Bazaar blog!  A great resource for brides to be.

Thank you Helen so much for feauting Carmen and Alonso's wedding on your blog! I feel absolutely honored and I hope that your readers enjoy the photos!

Here is the link to the article:

May 8, 2014

Every love story has a beginning...

My love story may be a difficult one to believe.  Meeting someone and within minutes knowing that somehow, some way, this person was put in front of me for a reason.  That reason only God knows about.  He tested us, seeing if we really wanted it.  Seeing if we were willing to do what was necessary to stay and work hard for this love.

Every love story has a beginning.  Mine will start the second that I say "I do" in a few months.

My beautiful custom made engagement ring that my fiance had made.  It's beautiful in all of its simplicity.

May 6, 2014

Guess who's coming to California for the Summer!

Hello California clients!

I am making my way back to California to visit and prepare for my *ahem* wedding! While I'm there visiting, I would love nothing more than to update your family portraits for you!  Or if you're a senior who will be graduating, or just a sexy vixen who wants some boudoir action, I'm ready for you!

Take advantage of this super great deal on a session and digital hi-res images delivered via an online gallery.  Quick and easy to get your photos updated :).

The dates available are June 11th - June 28th.  Make sure you share this around, when you refer two new clients my way, I will shoot your session for free! Now that is a darn great deal!  Make sure you book before May 30th!

Can't wait to catch up with you and take your new photographs!  Make sure your share and have your friends book so you get your session free! ;)

Summer is calling!

April 30, 2014

Maternity Session Penelope + Gerardo = 4 | Chihuahua Portrait Photographer

Maternity sessions are so fun for me.  I discovered that they could probably be my favorite kind of portrait session.  It could be the fact that there is something undeniably sexy about a pregnant woman.  Sexy and magical all at the same time.  It is also temporary, which makes photographing maternity sessions a special and momentous occasion.  Many woman have commented, usually after their family sessions, that they either never wanted maternity photos or just never thought of it until it was too late.  I high recommend getting them done, even if you're not a big fan.  The reason is because of how temporary being pregnant is.  I myself have yet to go through pregnancy, however, many clients have expressed that each child is different in the womb.  No pregnancy is the same.  Which is why I stress that they are a must have.  Not all maternity sessions need to have the belly out; it's all about what you're comfortable with.  And I am more than happy to guide you on wardrobe and location ideas.  Just get the darn session done ;).

Penelope + Gerardo decided to have half of the session indoors, with a more serious studio feel, and the other half outdoors.  I love this combo for maternity photos.  It creates lots of variety and allows us to really get a great mix of serious and happy photos.  For the studio, we dressed Penelope in two pieces of fabric.  Yep, good old fabric with nothing special to it.  Tied it to the back to cascade and boom! Instant maternity wardrobe.  This can be done with any kind of fabric, sheer, white, black, and even a soft rose o blue.  Penelope chose white, and she looked gorgeous!

The rest of the session was pure fun! A little park then some hills and absolutely perfect.

April 23, 2014

Vista Previa | Sesion de Amigas!

Una vista previa solo para emocionar las chicas quienes me encantó fotografiar!

Despues, les compartire mas fotos de esta divertida sesión!