April 14, 2014

On a personal note...

This may be the most personal post I have ever written.  Just a warning in case you want to skip ahead to the photos and maybe go back to stalking others on facebook.

About five years ago, I was sitting in my car crying.  I had gone through a really horrible breakup and I was sad, among many other emotions.  Long story short, I sat there feeling so helpless, as one normally does during those trying times, and I began to pray.  I put my hands together, closed my eyes, and said, "God, if you exist, please give me some peace.  I am tired of feeling like this and want it to be over."

It may have been a small gesture at first but I found peace that day.  The tears stopped rolling down my cheeks and little by little, I began to see that when I prayed, magical things would happen.  I then shifted from saying, "God if you exist..." to "God..."  And slowly, my faith began to grow.  I never had religion or faith in my life before.  I never had anyone tell me to believe one thing or another.  I was just a person who always tried to live a good life.So when I began to see changes, real tangible changes, my faith grew.  It was something that I kept to myself at first.  Something that I didn't really reveal to others or mention for fear that they would criticize me in saying that why, or how, because I wasn't known to be much of a believer.

About three years ago, my mother told me something that I, at the time, wasn't ready for.  That I needed to go to church because this way, I was only living my faith halfway.  Which at the time, I thought that having a relationship with God was such a big step that I didn't want others to ruin it for me.  Simply, I wasn't ready.  Fast forward to two  years ago, I began to feel like she was right.  I needed guidance so that my faith could grow, so I could know more about God.

Last year, I went to church.  I felt this burst of heat in my chest blast me with so much love.  I don't know how else to describe it... Love seems to be the only thing I can compare the feeling that I got.  And it was then that I went, talked to a priest, and began my 8 month journey to where I am now.

This Saturday,  I will get baptized.  It has been such an incredible journey learning so much about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and becoming a part of a community where I feel I belong.  In a place where I can put my faith to work.  On Saturday, I will become new, begin again.

This Saturday, my life will change.

I don't normally share such personal things on my blog nor do I write often about my religious views... however, I believe that putting this out there for the world to see makes it that much more special.  This is a special and one of a kind event for me and so I wanted to share my story with you, and everyone else that may have gone through something similar.

Some behind the scenes photos from a recent shoot :).


April 11, 2014

Studio Photography | Teaching

February 10th marked the start of my 2nd year of teaching photography.  It has been such a wonderful experience trying out new techniques to inspire the creative minds at the high school I teach.  It is really rewarding to see them progress and really learn something along the way.  

This past week we learned studio.  I set up my strobe in the classroom, had Douglas, our model come and sit for us, and starting to show the kids different light setups using only one light.  Instructed them on how to create moody light or high key lighting. 

Here are a couple of Douglas doing what he does best.  I can't remember if one or both of the photos were taken by a student- either way, great, great job!  I edited the photos to enhance them just a tad.  Which is what the students are learning as well this semester!

April 8, 2014

Vista Previa Boda | Chihuahua Mexico

Esta boda fue tan íntimo y bonito!  Se sentía el amor por todo el lugar :).

Reserva tu fecha 614.502.0285

April 7, 2014

Vista previa | Sesion Maternidad Chihuahua, Mexico

una sesión hermosa de unos clientes, que se han convertido en amigos, mas hermosos.  muchas fotos están por venir!

Reserva tu  sesión 614.502.0285

March 26, 2014

Pinterest Weekly | Inspiration for All

Oh Pinterest never disappoints.  From home decor to fashion, to places I would love to be in, it has something for everyone... 

Here is this weeks inspiration :)


Ah, Pinterest nunca me deja sin querer ver mas.  Desde decoración del hogar a la moda, hasta a los lugares donde quiero estar, tiene algo para todos.  

Aqui esta la inspiración de la semana :)  

3.   Wilderness (the link I have is broken, anyone know where to find the photographer?)
5.  Simple everyday outfit (no link to the site)

March 25, 2014

Pinhole Press | Resource for Shoot + Burn Clients

For my clients in California that I photograph, get ready to be blown away....

Pinhole Press is a company that offers clients who have digital images to upload and create stunning albums, prints, greeting cards, calendars, etc. and all at great pricing.  All of their products are pre-made templates where you simply drag and drop your images and you can create something out of those stored away images on your computer.

Many times, myself included, we want something easy, quick and simple to do with our photos.  Maybe we are too busy at work to learn photoshop to design an album, or you just don't know where to begin.  

Pinhole Press is your answer!  To all of my clients that I deliver digital images to, this is a great website to design away and even have your prints custom framed.  They have so many options, of which I have highlighted some in the photo below.  

So just click on the following link and get started on creating something beautiful with your images!

If you're asked to put in a photographers code, just use Jackie Lamas Photo :) 

Here is a screen shot of the website itself...

March 24, 2014

Blogstomp | Blogging made easier

I just recently, as in this week, came across this amazing app!  I have heard of Blogstomp before and didn't really feel like diving into something new that I'd have to learn how to use and blah blah blah, insert useless excuse here.  Finally, this week, I re-discovered this amazing app and played with their free trial version.  The trial version was easy to use and after reading many reviews, I made the business decision to purchase this amazing little app.

What is Blogstomp, you ask?  It's a simple blogging app that allows you to drag and drop the files you wish to use and create beautiful blogging collages.  The app does all the placing and creating for you.  You can reorder the photos to change them from positions in the collages and even set the border width and spacing between the photos.  Add your own logo and even use one of their backgrounds. The app also gives you more collage options on the right side so you can pick which template is best for the photos you've selected.  You can do one, two, even 20 photos at once if you want.  It's cut my blogging time in literally half.  

The reason I would take forever to blog a session or wedding was because I would open the four templates I had in Photoshop and place each photo, then resize, then save for web and then upload. See all those really time consuming steps?  Yeah, I'm so glad that I've come to my senses and got the full version of this app.  Now, I simply drag and drop and the app does all the hard work for me.  Even sharpens the image and I can set the width of the files. 

Easy and simple.

I am in no way obligated to say these things about Blogstomp.  This is simply my own review of the app and I have to say, as a wedding photographer that usually blogs anywhere between 30 and 40 images per wedding, this is a time saver.  If you are a heavy photo blogger, I highly recommend you use Blogstomp and stop spending all of those hours in front of the computer.

March 23, 2014

Living in Mexico

It has been a great while since I've written an update on how living in Chihuahua has been so far.  I think the last time I wrote was a year ago when I reached the 6 month mark.  A lot has happened from that time to now.

When I visit my friends back in California, the first question I usually get is "How can you live in Mexico?  Isn't it scary/unsafe?"  To which I usually explain that since I have been here, over a year now, that I have never seen or been a victim of any crime.  Other than really bad driving and horrible customer service.  It's really been good here.  I have discovered many great hole in the wall places to eat and have a beer.  There are still many, many places to explore and see.  And if I'm ever feeling homesick, good ol' McDonald's does the trick, ha ha!  

In all seriousness though, I've had many great experiences!  I was able to travel to different parts of the state as well as the country.  It seems as though the people here have more time and willingness to travel, even if they have limited resources or not. This is most surprising because in California, it always felt like I was on the go and never had enough time nor money to go anywhere further than Malibu or Vegas.  Or so it seemed that way.  In retrospect, I probably could have traveled a little bit more within the country, I just never saw its appeal.  In the year that I've been here, I have seen these amazing places:

Majalca, Chihuahua 

Namurachi Canyon, Chihuahua

Rekowata and Creel, Chihuahua

Huapoca, Madera in the state of Chihuahua

Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

I will also admit that it has been a tough.  There are times when I get home sick for the familiar.  For example, waking up in my old room with my family and doggies during the summer mornings.  Or the pad thai from the restaurant on Spruce Street.  Or miss having chips and salsa and beer with good friends at the local El Torito.  Let's also not forget all the beach time that I've been missing out, especially during the winter!

The internet has been such a great gift!  Being able to skype/facetime with friends and family during the time I've been away has been such a great help in not feeling so left out.  Because that's what happens when you leave your home, you lose contact and when you visit, you feel out of place.  Like so many things have continued to happen and you are not informed or otherwise just out of sight out of mind...

This adventure continues to surprise me and the more time I spend here in Mexico, the more I have accepted that this is now my home.  I am also very fortunate that I'm much closer to home than if I lived overseas.  I'm one long bus ride from being home.  And that, always makes it much easier.  Knowing that I can be back home from one day to the next.  Having family here is also another big help.  Being able to have people that I grew up with to help and support is always a plus :).

That's all for now... I'll keep you updated as time goes on!

March 22, 2014

Karla + Sergio | Huapoca, Madera Engagement Session

I thought I had already posted this session, but I was wrong!  So, better late than never :).  I have already shot and blogged their beautiful wedding too *bangs head against the desk*.  

Nevertheless, it was such a great experience photographing this engagement session.  Karla and Sergio invited me on a 5 hour trip to the magical mountains of Huapoca in Madera, Chihuahua.  A gorgeous place where the fog and rain allow your mind to unwind and relax while taking in the insanely breathtaking landscape.  Of which I have posted photos from the trip, which you can click HERE to view... 

once again I bang my head on my desk wondering how I could have missed blogging these photos!  


Pensé que ya había publicado esta sesión, pero estaba equivocada! Por lo tanto, más vale tarde que nunca :). La cual que ya he fotografiado y blogged, y puedes ver la hermosa boda AQUI  *me golpeo mi cabeza contra el escritorio*

Sin embargo, fue una gran experiencia fotografiando esta sesión casual. Karla y Sergio me invitaron en un viaje de 5 horas a las montañas mágicas de Huapoca en Madera, Chihuahua. Un lugar precioso donde la niebla y la lluvia  permite que descanses y relajas tu mente mientras  disfrutas del paisaje increíblemente impresionante.  Pudes ver las fotos que ya he hecho post haciendo clic AQUI...

una vez más me golpeo mi cabeza sobre mi escritorio preguntándome cómo podía haber faltado en blogging estas fotos!


March 21, 2014

Spring Mini Sessions | Chihuahua Portrait Photographer

Oficialmente ya es PRIMAVERA!!! Primavera es perfecto para hacer una sesión sea individual, en familia, o con tu amor!  

Recuerden que tambien viene el Dia de La Madre. Regálale una sesión a tu mama para tener un recuerdo que jamás se olvidará :).  

Reserva tu sesión antes del 31 de Mayo para aprovechar de este buenisimo precio que regular esta en $4600 pesos.  Llame al 614-502-0285 o por correo via hello@jackielamasphotography.com.  Reserva hoy porque se estan llenando las fechas rapido! 

Feliz primer dia de Primavera!