October 15, 2010

Jessica & Jose Manuel | Orange County Wedding Photographer

When they look at each other, you just know.  You know that they are in love, that they have the passion and respect for one another and that they will grow old together.

Jessica & Jose Manuel are both beautiful people rooted to each other and in their culture.  Rooted to supporting each other in their endeavors.  And in the midst of all that, the love is there.  You just know it.

You know it because you can feel it.  Jessica & Jose Manuel, thank you so much for giving me the honor to be there on your special day.  It was wonderful seeing you two make your vows and dance the night away.  

Get ready, this is gonna be one long post :) First up, the beautiful bride.  Make up and hair done by my sister, Elanie.  And a HUGE thank you to Teresa, who was my assistant and shot some amazing stuff, especially details! Thanks girl :)  Okay on to the photos!