October 21, 2011

Alexandra | Los Angeles Fashion Photographer

Yes, this is the same beautiful Romanian model I shot a few months back at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  You can see the images here.  She was going to leave in 10 days and well, I couldn't pass up another opportunity to photographer her again!  This time, a whole new theme, location, and vibe.  She is an amazing model and has done lots of print and commercial work in her home country so naturally we had a smooth shoot.  

Aside from being a great model, she is a fantastic stylist!  She styled both shoots based on simple ideas I described to her.  I said, "let's do an autumn theme."  And the above is what she brought.  I love a model that is a great stylist!  I mean, just look at that green coat!  Gorgeous!

Alexandra is sadly back in Romania :(.  And it's a huge big sad face! Maybe I'll have to go to Romania and photograph her there... either way I miss her because we became friends in the short time she was here.  

And.. this just goes to show that photographs are irreplaceable.  She is a friend, not just a model and I have these photographs of her to remember her by.  Which in turn give me a happy face.