August 31, 2011

Kristen | Riverside Fashion Photographer

Kristen and I were in the marching band together.  Four years of sweating out in the field during the 3-5pm practices.  On the field when we competed, sometimes next to each other in our formations.  See, we both played flute and we were on the same team.  Then graduation happened and as usual, every disperses into the life that they are to lead.  Some take us on curved paths, some in circles, and some in jagged straight lines.  And some bring us back to our home town.  Were we are able to be on a different team: model + photographer.  But we're still a team.   Life is so uncanny in how it always brings people back together.  Even if for a only a fashion photo shoot.   

Kristen:  thank you for allowing me to photograph you and for allowing Elle to make you up!  I had a ton of fun!