August 23, 2011

Change is Good

I just discovered that blogger allows me to adjust the width of my blog.  GASP!  That's what I did.  Because adjusting the width to my hearts content means:  BIGGER PHOTOS!  No more are the days of small photos, now you can view them in all their glory.  Makes me so much happier!

Also, I designed a new header for the blog up above .  And wait there's more!  The comment form is right under the date and post titles so now it's easy to find and post comments!  At the foot of each post, you can share with friends and family across all of these fabulous social networks: Gmail, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, and Google +.  The contact page has a cute photo to spice it up.  

So stay a while, enjoy the photos, and the new layout!  I will be posting more of my fashion shoot from Sunday soon!  

Happy Tuesday!

Taken at the Orange County Fair using my phone