May 18, 2011

Just Because | Inland Empire Portrait Photographer

I don't like the rain.  Not one bit.  It's cold, my feet have a hard time warming up, my hair doesn't stay curled and people can't drive.   Southern Californians can't drive when it's dry...let alone with it's wet!  But in order to make the most of this crappy weather (when it should be warm and beautiful) I decided to go out and shoot.  Asked a few people on Facebook and got a couple of responses.  Kat is one of them.  Well, when we arrived at the location it was dry.  And even the sun came out.  I hope California stops playing with my emotions and gives me a blistering hot summer.  So I can hit the beach, surf, and sleep while tannin.   

She is aspiring to be an actress and I think she's got the look for it.  Kat: Thanks for coming out and hanging out in the dry sunny afternoon.  We didn't get any rain but we did get some great shots :).

Debbie: You're up next :)