May 4, 2011

Bernice | Boudoir Photographer

Bernice commented very nice things on a mutual friend's post on Facebook about the work my sister and I do.  I of course said thank you with as many ! as I could put and instantly I friend requested her.  She and I would talk here and there, but I knew that we totally got each other.  

So when she messaged me about doing a boudoir session for her fiance as a wedding gift I was more than happy to set the date.  Then she told me she wanted to pose on her fiance's Harley and right then I knew she was a girl after my own heart.  I mean c'mon, what's sexier than a boudoir session on a motorcycle?!

Bernice: thank you so much for allowing me to convert your garage into my own little studio.  It takes a lot of guts to show off your bad self and I had fun meeting you for the first time and being instant friends :).  I hope your fiance likes the photos... because you look pretty hott!